Thursday, 3 May 2012

My neighbor has a shotgun mouth

I don’t mean to be mean but if you are in my situation you would probably agree that sometimes being mean is a result of irritable senses. She’s kind to me. I have no problem with that except for her mouth. The normal tone of her voice is 3x louder than a normal speaking voice, so when she speaks it’s as good as shouting effortlessly. One day, she was talking with her friend outside. Their house is in front of ours but they were talking somewhere meters away from our house. Imagine I heard all the gossips they were talking about. Argh.

Oh well, I guess it takes a lot of sensitivity to lower one’s voice especially when one already get used to it or when he/she didn’t know it at all.

So, will I take the risk of telling her about it? Ahhmm.. I don’t think I can.

Anyway, a neighborhood isn’t complete with stories like this. Her mouth indeed is a living shot gun.